BEING OVER DOING Take charge of your emotional and mental health
so that you find happiness and freedom within
and outside of yourself
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Learn My Blueprint On How to Overcome Negative Emotions so That You Feel More Confident.



Your corner of the internet that allows you to stop,
detach from the urgency
of the world, look inward and give yourself what you need
so that you become magnetic to all that you desire.



I will guide you on how you can give yourself exactly what you need in order to break the chains of your past conditioning so that you become the person you've always wanted to be.


About Me

Often when we don’t feel good enough, we don’t allow ourselves to live our lives the way we want to. I have been trying to “fix myself” with personal development as well as changing my outer world for over 10 years until I realised, that nothing is going to fix me. 

So I started my journey of changing the way I think about myself, and about the world. I began to use my emotions as a tool to release and reprogram the limiting beliefs I have picked up during my childhood and beyond. This is when the heavy weight I was carrying on my shoulders finally started to lift.

Now I am on the mission to heal the stigma of emotions should be suppressed and help others to take charge of their own emotional and mental health.


What people say?

The Masterclass helped me recognise, accept and listen to my emotions. It has shown me a new perspective on the challenges I’m facing. Jen’s unique ability to pierce through my bullshit in 1:1 sessions allowed me to get to the bottom of what I have been struggling with and release it much faster. I can only recommend anyone to sign up for her free Masterclass and/or start working with Jen 1:1; she’s amazing and will help you greatly in uncovering your patterns and releasing what is holding you back.
Since our chat last week, I've been really thinking about what I love doing, and it's like a dam has broken in my brain and my creativity has come flooding back. I've had a million ideas…… it's like my brain has been exploding with color. It's been "turned off" for quite a while, along with my motivation. So thank you!

Free 3-Day Masterclass

Take charge of your emotional and mental health

Day 1 - Awareness

Learn how to give yourself what you deeply need instead of searching outside of you for the answers


Learn how to move the negative energies out of your body and reprogram your thoughts.

DAY 3 - intention

Take charge of your emotional and mental health on a day to day so that you create your best life with intention, confidence and trust

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It’s time to start spending your time in a way that lights you up. I’m here to help you map out the steps & guild you along the way.

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